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The innovative solution represents the largest system entirely managed by artificial intelligence which, through a proprietary platform, offers users and companies a unique and personalized experience. We use holographic technology to make 3D animations come alive.. on each installation our AI will be able to interact with the public by asking questions of any kind.

The innovative platform allows you to create the perfect branded holographic Virtual Assistant for any type of business, distribute it across various channels and measure its performance in real-time.

MARA.AI is born to energize and boost your business.

From improving the browsing experience on the website, to internal communication and the development of a rapid and efficient customer service, up to support in planning high-performance marketing strategies. MARA.AI can also help professionals make the right decision at any time thanks to their ability to analyze large amounts of data and can be used in any business sector. The system is capable of managing conversations in various languages, in particular Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Romanian, Chinese, Russian.

MARA.AI allows a semantic interpretation of the user's requests, which allows us to generalize the interpretation of the requests with respect to the words and the specific form used by the user and robustly identify the most relevant response.


The marketing universe is always expanding. Technologies, ideas, innovations and research allow structures and companies to continuously transform, proposing new solutions for every new situation.

One of the latest and astonishing results of this process of perpetual creation is certainly innovative marketing with AI assistants: a technique located between science fiction and illusionism that allows you to seduce a potential customer through an almost immediate association between services and users.


The perfect Virtual Assistant in artificial intelligence (AI).


To support your activities, processes and internal and external relationships.


To reduce costs, times and optimize the various operational processes

Hi, I'm Mara


your Virtual Assistant in Artificial Intelligence


always by your side on PC, mobile, social, web, VoIP,  crm and more, active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


I am able to simulate a real human conversation, answer questions promptly, recommend products or services, make appointments and reservations, explain, teach, train...


Transforming the user experience of the website into a Digital Human Interface with holographic 3D Avatars.

Customize the virtual assistant's knowledge base by controlling responses and paths

conversational messages offered to the user while browsing the public website;

• Convey through conversation: multimedia contents, web pages, images; crm, booking.

Check the questions for which the assistant was unable to answer and expand his knowledge base guided by the conversations actually carried out;

Acquire information about new leads;

 Acquire the parameters necessary to start business processes;

• Measure conversational and engagement capacity in order to improve the knowledge base and customer satisfaction over time;

Allow operators to manage one or more live chats with users, replacing the chatbot during the conversation;


Regarding project timing:

30 days installation + learning


Annual Virtual Assistant License in Italian Includes:


Speech recognition and synthesis, Intent Recognition, Conversational Form and Information Extraction Engine, Browser Automation, Live Chat, Live Chat operators area, History of conversations carried out, Area for reinforcement learning, Area for customizing the assistant's lexicon, Voting of answers from part of users, Analytics Dashboard, API available for integration with other SW (XML, Json)

The payment method will be divided according to the following times:

- 40% upon signing the contract

- 30% Ai and hologram test

- 30% delivery and testing


Other payment method:

- Operational rental


Enter the agent code and request information onMARA.AI

Grazie, Mara.Ai elaborerà la tua richiesta

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